The place in Lisbon where you'll find the biggest selection of second-hand surfboards at fair prices and in good condition.

It's also a spot where you can sell your board quickly, so you can get a new one sooner.

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📍 Board Exchange, R. Carmo 171, São Domingos de Rana (Google Maps)

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Do you remember when a brand-new surfboard cost €350? Or when a top set of fins sold for €70?

Those days are long gone... Surfing has become an increasingly expensive sport, and we don't see an end to this trend: the surfboard distribution chain remains highly fragmented and dependent on increasingly expensive raw materials, the production process remains extremely manual, and there is growing pressure to address the pollution caused by surfboard manufacturing.

As surfers ourselves, we've created a warehouse dedicated to used surf gear:

The old guard talks about a generation of wealthier surfers who only buy new gear - but we see that the world has changed, where buying second-hand has become easier in everything except surfing:

As surfers, we wanted a better solution:

  1. Good boards at fair prices;
  2. Easier board swaps, so we can try more and progress further
  3. Boards that last longer - better for their owners' wallets and better for the environment!
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